Our Story

Created by two dreamers, the Peech Store is the culmination of love, passion and desire to spread magic around and to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. In 2022, our founders decided to stop dreaming and start doing: by bringing their dream alive in the form of this store and designs within it. They profusely refuse to take themselves seriously but are passionately serious about their work.  

The Peech Store was founded with one goal in mind: make people happy. Each design is carefully created and drawn by hand to bring the feelings of warmth, nostalgia or comfort or all of the above! It is the result of our love for books, movies and art brought together into our beautifully hand-crafted designs. 

We always searched for comfort and warmth within the clothes we bought but never found it. With this store, we hope to share the designs we create and love and spread the warmth we feel with our creations. 

Come join us at The Peech Store and find your new favorite garment for years to come.